The best place to choose carpets is in your home

Do you wander around carpet stores armed with swatches and materials to find the carpet or vinyl that will match your furniture or fabrics?

Well now you don't need to. Agency Carpets will bring the carpet/vinyl samples to you making the process much simpler to find the floor covering that matches your home perfectly.

What could be simpler? Give us a call today or make a booking on our home page for your no obligation quote and some friendly advice!

Competitive Pricing

With our vast experience in the carpet trade we have the knowledge to ensure you are getting the best deal possible.

We'll bring the showroom to you

Not only do we offer a large range of carpets and vinyls but we also have a very competitive pricing strategy made possible by buying and selling direct

Just book an appointment for a free estimate to experience our service - you won't need to go carpet shopping ever again!